Kari Anderson
Project 639

The following workouts were recently filmed live at The Seattle Gym. These are gym members, daily classes, life at the gym. Raw and Real--no editing, no staging. *Parts or all of the choreography in these 3 workouts will be presented at the IDEA World Convention 2015.*

Roots: HiLo Dance Experience

HiLo Dance Experience Photo
"I love to unite my favorite aspects of dance and fitness training into one non-stop, cardio dance party. This up-tempo workout choreography is designed to challenge the advanced-skill exerciser. Many members have been doing this for decades. I do however take great care to build every movement to inspire all levels to eventually say I CAN do this."

Reach™ Evolution

Reach™ Evolution Photo
"A magnetic, challenging fusion of ballet and fitness training designed for all levels, all ages. From standing to mat, this workout requires no barre, and benefits the entire body with intense strength and length exercises for targeted results. I select a flowing series of movement challenges to improve performance technique, stability, control and balance. My goal is to help members discover and develop self-correction, build self-confidence and ultimately improve the way they approach fitness, sports and life outside of the gym."

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Exotic World Beats-Final Cuts 8

Smooth Groove Step

Smooth Groove Step Photo
"This is one of my advanced level step classes: creative footwork on and off the step, many direction changes and unexpected counts and rhythm changes, creating a wonderful opportunity for style and expression. Advanced steppers love the challenge--it is almost as if the step is your dance partner. Even though complex in finished state my goal is to design and then build choreography that actually promotes skill development encouraging even those new to step to get started."
"My joy for over 3 decades has been to inspire people to move, to lead them to discover they LOVE to dance, and to witness their pride in achieving what they felt was impossible.

Dance is the ultimate therapy. It listens, it responds, it heals...it is the ultimate expression of you."